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The Ultimate
Deep Learning &
Artificial Intelligence
Embedded Platform

powered by

Vision Processor

CEVA's 5th generation imaging and vision solution provides a high performance yet extremely power efficient platform to address the most complex machine vision and deep learning use cases.

The platform is comprised of critical hardware and software IPs that provide a shorter time-to-market for customers developing embedded vision applications.

The Platform Includes:

Powered by The All New CEVA-XM6

At the center of the platform is the CEVA-XM6 imaging and vision DSP, which introduces a range of architectural innovations and enhancements that deliver breakthrough performance, including:

  • Innovative vector processor unit (VPU) architecture
  • Enhanced Parallel Scatter-Gather Memory Load Mechanism
  • Sliding Window 2.0™ mechanism for image processing
  • Optional 32-way SIMD vector floating-point unit
  • 50% improvement in control code performance

Target Markets

CEVA's vision platform targets any camera-enabled embedded device requiring deep learning or advanced computer vision functionality.

Smartphones & Tablets
Consumer & Wearables
Security & Surveillance

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"Challenges of Vision Based Autonomous Driving and Facilitation Of An Embedded Neural Network Platform"
November 16th 2016, 10:00am PST, 1:00pm EST
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