The World’s Most Advanced Communication DSP for 5G
and Multi-Gigabit Connectivity

The CEVA-XC12 is purpose-built from the ground up to solve the most critical challenges of efficiently implementing 5G, LTE-A Pro, MU-MIMO Wi-Fi and other multi-gigabit modems.

*Compared to CEVA-XC4500 **at 1.8GHz on 10nm

Designed to Provide
5G Everywhere

Thanks to its flexible architecture with multiple optional features, the CEVA-XC12 can be custom configured and scaled to address a wide range of applications, including cloud RAN, macro cells, small cells, advanced and centralized access points, eMBB smartphones and other terminals

The CEVA-XC12 key technology breakthroughs:

  • Micro-Architecture
    Capable of operating at 1.8 GHz in 10nm
  • Massive Computation Capabilities
    Powered by QUAD-Vector processor engines
  • Unique High-Precision Arithmetic
    Up to 256x256 dimension matrix processing
  • Specialized Instructions for any Baseband
    Support for 256 and 1024 QAM demodulation
  • Core Streaming Interfaces
    Ultra-low latency multi-core data transfers
  • New Control Plane
    Handles massive number of users for LTE MTC and 5G IoT